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Words of Praise...

I attended Brigitte’s Dorn Method Workshop and really liked her style of teaching and the fact, that she learnt it directly in Germany from Dieter Dorn. The knowledge that I have gained from Brigitte's workshop has inspired me to utilize this method on most of my clients! This has brought great relief to my clients and success to my practice. I would definitely recommend her workshop to anyone who would like to treat their own client’s back pain in a gentle and safe way without having to refer them.

C. Brider, Complementary Therapist, London

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Workshop Information...

Dorn Method Workshops

Come and join this wonderful and exciting revolution in Back care. The Dorn Method is easy to learn, safe, gentle and a very valuable skill that will last you a lifetime. Personally I get fantastic results all the time with recommendation after recommendation. It feels great to be able to help people with their pain, that's the real joy.

My quality Dorn Method workshops are designed for Complementary Therapists or indeed anyone who would like to learn how to take better care of their own back and joints. If you're a Complementary Therapist there's nothing better than adding the Dorn Method to the range of therapies you can offer your clients, and you can also gain valuable FHT CPD points for attending the workshop.

Find more workshop information and prices below...

Next Dorn Method Workshop Dates


I am thrilled to offer my next Dorn Method Workshops on the following weekend dates:

  • Advanced Workshop (Single Day, for existing students only)
    May 2016

    7th May 2016 

  • 2 Day Intensive Workshop - Stratford upon Avon
    May 2016

    14th - 15th May 2016 

  • 2 Day Intensive Workshop - Stratford upon Avon
    July 2016

    9th - 10th July 2016 

  • 2 Day Intensive Workshop - Stratford upon Avon
    September 2016

    17th - 18th September 2016 

If you'd like to come onto one of these workshops, please book using the 'Book Now' buttons and you'll receive an email within 24 hours to confirm your booking.


Standard Workshop Pricing and Information...

This is a quality two-day intensive workshop accredited by the FHT and designed for Therapists who wish to integrate Dorn into their practices. If desired it can be followed up with an Advanced Workshop and additional Practice Days leading to membership of the Dorn Method Therapists Association (

The Workshop course fee is £295.00 with a £100 non-refundable deposit payable in advance to confirm your booking and secure your place (the remainder is payable two weeks prior to the workshop.

Included with the course is a Dorn Method certificate from an Authorised Dorn Method Instructor (which you'll need for insurance purposes) and comprehensive manual.

Advanced Workshop Pricing and Information...

The Advanced workshops are for existing Dorn Method students only, i.e. those who have been on my previous workshops. The course is run on a single day and costs £125 with a £75 non-refundable desposit requirement to confirm your booking.

What you will learn over the course of two days on the standard Dorn Method Workshop

This is an Intensive Two Day Dorn Method Seminar, where you'll be getting plenty of hands-on experience learning the fundamentals of the Dorn Method techniques, focus will be more towards the practical elements of Dorn techniques. The workshop also includes the Breuss Massage which is a complementary aspect to Dorn Method therapy.
After the workshop you will be able to successfully and safely apply Dorn. The workshop contents cover:

  • Dorn Method Introduction, including Basic Anatomy relevant to the Dorn Method, Dorn Theory and fundamentals
  • Applications, Limitations and Contra-Indications, Body Reactions to the Treatment and After Care Advice
  • Assessment and correction of leg length imbalances
  • Assessment and correction of pelvis, sacrum and joints (shoulder, knee, ankle, elbow, etc.)
  • Lumbar, Thoracic and Cercical vertebrae check and necessary correction of any imbalances
  • Self help exercises which you can teach your clients or apply to yourself
  • The Breuss Massage

After the initial 2 day workshop ongoing Practice days/Refresher days and Advanced workshops are offered for those wishing to take Dorn further. In order to gain a Competency Certificate, again for those who wish to develop their skills further, students will be expected to attend a Practice day and also complete a number of case studies.

You'll be taught in small groups with a maximum of around 8 people, so there will be plenty of hands-on as well as theory. The workshop will give you a very good grounding in the Dorn Method, and upon completion of the two day seminar, you will receive a completion certificate. This course is open to anyone interested in the Dorn Method, you don’t have to be a therapist to take part. However, if you wish to gain CPD points (and relevant insurance) from the FHT you will need to have a Level 3 in Anatomy & Physiology with a qualification in body massage. Although you will be learning a great new skill of immense value, the workshops always turn out to be plenty of fun and an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Qualified therapists can apply the Dorn Method after this Workshop training seminar and also obtain relevant insurance from at least Balens, IPTI and F.H.T. on production of the Dorn Method Workshop Certificate (the list of insurance companies covering Dorn in the UK is now growing).

Workshop Location and Accommodation (Stratford upon Avon workshops):

The workshops are held at DornHaus at the Stratford Garden Centre, which is a very short drive from Stratford town centre. More information can be found at the Dorn Haus website.

There are plenty of reasonable B&B’s in Stratford upon Avon with several hotels including Premier Inn and Travelodge. Stratford is a great place to spend a weekend with lots to see and do, many students come a few days early to enjoy the sights and sounds! For further information please visit the following website.

You should consider learning the Dorn Method if:

  • You are an existing Complementary Therapist looking for a valuable 'bolt-on' skill which you can apply to your clients to treat one of the most common health complaints in the UK today.

  • Almost everyone suffers from Back and Joint pain at some time in their lives, so if you are looking for a good opportunity to build your own complementary therapy business where there is little competition and an excellent income potential, Dorn is absolutely perfect

  • You are looking for a change, enjoy helping others and want a very rewarding career with a promising future

  • You would simply like to learn a great way to look after yourself and perhaps know how to help others who suffer from back pain

  • You wish to gain valuable FHT CPD points. I believe FHT award 10 points for attending my Dorn Workshop

If you'd like to see a list of reasons I think all Therapists should learn The Dorn Method, please click here.

How to book onto the workshop

The most convenient way to book is to pay your £100 deposit by credit/debit card using PayPal by clicking on the Book Now buttons above, under each course date.

After your booking has been confirmed, I will contact you by email to forward more information about the course. In the meantime, if you have any further questions, please just contact me for more information about learning the Dorn Method on the workshop. PLACES ARE LIMITED SO PLEASE DON'T DELAY.

I look forward to seeing you at the next workshop.


Some feedback and pictures from my past Dorn Method workshops:

More pictures and details of past workshops can be seen in the news section of this website.

Thanks Brigitte, the workshop was everything I had hoped for - and more.

Dr. John Ross

Hi Brigitte, Many thanks for an excellent workshop (your first of many to come). It was without doubt the best start to our vast learning curve that we could have had. As for Thomas! What can only be described as awesome!!! Hope to see everybody soon.

All my love, Bob Pritchard

Hi Brigitte, hope you're well. I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful seminar. I had a great time and learnt a lot, of which I'm already putting into practice. I'm looking forward to the advanced seminar.

Lucy Murray

The 'Team' shot, thanks to my husband who came
by to take some photos!

Hi Brigitte, Thanks for a great weekend and the chance to meet such nice like- minded people. Thought I would let you know that I have already given a treatment to two family and friends and am now awaiting their feed-back. Also the last 3 mornings since receiving treatments,for the first time in 3/4 years I have managed to get out of bed normally and not like a crippled old woman! hurrah for Dorn!! I look forward to getting more Dorn experience and meeting up with you soon.

Jill H

Hi Brigitte Thank you for all the data you have sent. You were right, it is extensive! I am looking forward to printing it all out! Many thanks again for such a wonderful and informative course. I feel it was a weekend well spent not only for your teachings but also the new friends I have made. I am sure we will all keep in touch. I have had 3 volunteers here at work today who want me to practice my new skills on them, with a possible first patient for a DORN treatment next week. I will let you know how it goes. I wish you great success Brigitte and I look forward to all of us meeting up again soon.

Linda G

Thomas Zudrell showing correction of Lucy’s Mandibular joint (or jaw, for all the rest of us!)

Ann's Collar bone joint being corrected - whether she likes it or not!

Sara practising collar bone correction on Nicole

Colleen learning pelvic correction with Andrea

Peter getting to grips with leg length correction on Nicole

Practising the Breuss Massage technique

Brigitte demonstrating Lower Back, Ankle and Neck checks with appropriate correction

Lyn learning how to carry out a basic leg length check

Sonita correcting Tracy's knee joint

Learning how to conduct a typical Sacrum check

Well deserved coffee break, with a chance for chit-chat and any questions

A few group photos of Workshop attendees proudly displaying their Dorn Certificates. As usual, these were great weekends with such wonderful people who all thoroughly enjoyed themselves!